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17th Annual Crown City Classic

NEW! Coed (18-22 year old) - August 22-23, 2020

Coed / Adult / Prep - August 22-23, 2020

Youth/Prep - August 29-30, 2020

COVID-19 Update


The Pasadena Japanese Athletic Association (PJAA) and the Pasadena Bruins understands that the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused disruption to everyday life unlike anything we have seen before.  Communities across the United States are doing what they can to protect our families and seniors.  Our highest priority is to help prevent the spread of the virus and follow the social distancing guidelines and restrictions.   We will be monitoring the status in the coming weeks and keep you updated with any changes.


As of today, March 17th, we are still planning to host our tournaments, August 23-24 (Coed 5th-12th, Coed-18-22, Adults and Masters) and August 29-30 (Youth/Prep).  The deadlines will still be in effect (May), but will be re-evaluated if the Tournament Committee decides to extend the deadlines.


If the tournaments are cancelled, tournament fees will be refunded via method of payment (Paypal).  Any costs incurred by the teams beyond the tournament fee are the sole responsibility of the team.


Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see your teams in August!



Stay safe and healthy!


Pasadena Bruins Tournament Committee



Online Registration

NEW- Coed (18-22)  |  Youth/PrepCoed/Adult/Prep




  • Regular season rosters preferred.
  • Any player added to a regular season roster must be of Asian descent.
  • Added players must be approved by the Division Coordinator but may be superseded by the Tournament Committee.  The Tournament Committee has the right to place teams in a higher division if appropriate or disallow teams and/or players from participation in the tournament.


Tournament Info

  • Each team is responsible for providing its own insurance coverage and will be required to submit a concussion liability waiver.  Unsigned players will be prohibited from playing.
  • All teams will be guaranteed 3 games
  • Awards are limited to a maximum of 10 players per team.
  • Only 1st place awards will be given for Co-ed divisions.
  • Coed - Teams must have a minimum of 3 girls on the court at ALL times. If the team only has 3 girls’ and one fouls out, team will play short-handed.  A boy may not substitute for a girl that has fouled out.
  • Hotel accommodations will be provided soon!
  • Please correspond with the appropriate Division Coordinator.


Tournament Documents

Coaches Code of Conduct Form

Tournament Map |  Tournament Key and Locations


 Coed / Adult / Masters

  1. Bruins Tournament Coed/Adult/Masters Tournament Invitation
  2. Bruins Coed-Youth Concussion Liability Waiver
  3. Bruins Adult / Masters Roster
  4. Bruins Coed Roster
  5. Bruins Adult / Masters Concussion Liability Waiver
  6. Bruins Coed / Adult / Masters Tournament Rules
  7. Coed T-shirt Contest
  8. T-shirt Pre-order Form



  1. Bruins Tournament Invitation
  2. Bruins Tournament Youth-Prep Roster
  3. Bruins Coed-Youth Concussion Liability Waiver
  4. Bruins Youth/Prep Tournament Rules



NEW! Coed (18-22 year old)

  1. Bruins Tournament Coed Invitation
  2. Bruins Coed 18-22 Roster
  3. Bruins Coed 18-22 Concussion Liability Waiver
  4. Bruins Coed 18-22 Rules



Past Results

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Coed T-shirts Winners:

2018: Stacked, NLB All Stars, and Fruit Ninjas

2017: Kung Fu Pandas, Ballers in Paradise, and Dream Warriors



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